Managed Microsoft 365 Business Solutions

Enhance efficiency, bolster cybersecurity, optimise expenditures, and embolden your teams to operate remotely from any location using our Microsoft Secure Modern Workplace solution.

Merge the familiar Office 365 applications with the powerful collaboration, productivity, and security features provided by Microsoft 365.

All of this is streamlined under the management of FOIT Group. Our extensive range of managed services for Microsoft 365 is custom-fitted to your business requirements. These services encompass user support, seamless migration, insightful consulting, innovative development, comprehensive training, subscription management, and more.

Leveraging our profound expertise in Microsoft 365, you’ll unearth novel and remarkable avenues through which the Microsoft suite can elevate every facet of your business operations – from enhancing user productivity to fortifying security measures.

What exactly entails the Modern Workplace powered by Microsoft Office 365?

The Modern Workplace Office 365 integrates classic Microsoft Office desktop applications, along with Microsoft application services and innovative productivity tools. These services are all seamlessly provided through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The suite includes well-known desktop applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, along with a range of new apps and online services. These encompass cloud-based file storage, fortified communication, and collaborative tools. Complementary resources such as Planner, OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams deliver an unparalleled user journey.

These applications can be accessed virtually from any location, ensuring optimal flexibility and the ability to work remotely. Whether situated at home, on the move, or within the office, you can maintain a secure and productive workflow from any device, at any time.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Offering an array of Microsoft 365 business plans, our Managed Office 365 solution empowers you to deploy services on demand while maintaining a predictable monthly cost. Streamline administrative tasks with ease. Our Office 365 support services entrust your software licensing needs to our dedicated IT support teams. This ensures your licenses remain current and compliant, freeing you to concentrate on your core business operations.

Our solutions equip your business with the appropriate digital tools to foster connections and bolster employee support, regardless of their locations. This facilitates heightened productivity, engagement, and seamless collaboration.

Unlock the full potential of your technology with Microsoft 365.

Our approach is meticulously crafted to align with your organisational culture, workflows, skills, and toolsets.

Strategic Planning & Consultation

Our initial step involves in-depth consultations to grasp your business objectives. We then execute the solution and provide comprehensive training to equip your staff. Our services encompass end-to-end project management for a seamless Office 365 migration.

License Evaluation

Microsoft offers several plans tailored to SMEs, catering to diverse requirements. Your dedicated account manager collaborates with you to compare Microsoft Business Plans, ensuring a bespoke solution for your business.

Migration and Integration

Led by our Microsoft Certified Professionals, your dedicated project team adeptly manages the entire migration process, guaranteeing a smooth implementation across your teams.

Proficient Training

Upon partnering with KMT, our team seamlessly integrates with yours. We empower your teams with comprehensive training, enabling them to harness Office 365's full capabilities.

Continuous Support and Management

Beyond a successful migration, your Account Manager and dedicated IT support team remain at your disposal, offering ongoing assistance and insights for as long as needed.

Maintain a competitive edge with the modern workplace advantage. Beyond the confines of mere email, Word, and Excel, the modern workplace empowers your business to seamlessly access all office applications from any location.

Simplify cloud migration with FOIT Group's effortless process

We delve deep into your technology needs, avoiding quick fixes. Our process involves meticulous research to present tailored options and solutions that align with your requirements.

Our project team conducts a thorough IT audit, ensuring your infrastructure aligns with Office 365 compatibility. A comprehensive report follows, outlining the optimal migration strategy for your seamless transition.

We initiate the migration process, minimising disruptions to your business operations.

After a successful Office 365 implementation & staff training our commitment continues. We offer ongoing, top-tier IT support for as long as you require it.