Reliable and modular cloud based Hosted Voice solutions

Our secure Hosted VoIP solution is situated in the cloud, eliminating the requirement for you to oversee and run PBX hardware systems on your premises.

FOIT Group’s Cloud Voice

Delivering carrier-grade, enterprise-level solutions designed to replace costly and outdated PBXs.

Embrace cloud connectivity and unlock advanced call features that enhance call handling, management, and overall productivity. Benefit from proven business continuity, dependable call services, and user-friendly online tools for seamless self-setup, monitoring, and reporting. Retain your existing phone number and select from our array of flexible licensing plans, including options for inclusive calls or pay-as-you-go models.

Tailored Pricing Structures

Our tailored pricing structures are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses. Whether it’s essential in-office functionalities or comprehensive remote capabilities, we offer solutions for every employee and department. Opt for included calls within Australia and New Zealand, or opt for the pay-as-you-go model. Plus, our scalability feature allows for seamless adjustments as needed.

Robust integration capabilities spanning numerous renowned platforms.

Engineered for adaptability and expansiveness, FOIT Group’s Hosted Voice solution seamlessly incorporates various conventional communication systems, CRMs, and Unified Communications tools. This synergy forms a constellation of value-added services tailored to cater to the unique requirements of customers, regardless of their size. Advanced telephony features are a must for customer experience and compliance. With unified communications, there is no compromise on features. We’ve got all the tools you need to run your business with ease.

Elevated telephony features are imperative for ensuring top-notch customer experiences and adhering to compliance standards. Through unified communications, there’s no need to make concessions when it comes to features. We provide a comprehensive array of tools essential for effortlessly managing your business operations.

FOIT Group’s Cloud PABX Features

Call Recording

Accessible on softphones, desktops, and mobile devices. Housed within a secure private cloud infrastructure that strictly adheres to PCI compliance standards.

Call Centre/Call Queue

Efficiently manage incoming calls by placing them in queues with personalised on-hold messages until your staff is ready to attend to them. This approach minimises the chances of calls being missed and ending up in voicemail or being left unanswered.

Web Receptionist Console

Offer up-to-the-minute insights into user availability within your organisation and real-time call management through a web console.

Web Supervisor Console

Tools designed to visually track your team's performance for both inbound and outbound calls, along with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Auto Attendant

Efficiently direct your calls to the relevant departments, minimising the need for duplicate handling.

Hunt Groups

Allocate calls to agents who are available, complete with the inclusion of voicemail alternatives

Selective Call Routing

Redirect calls in accordance with time and day policies that align with your business hours, accommodating diverse locations and time zones.

Customisable Announcements

Customise your announcements for various scenarios such as daytime, nighttime, voicemail, IVR, and more by uploading your own content, ensuring they perfectly align with your business operations

Call Analytics

Analyse your business's overall performance, focusing on the collective rather than individual aspects. This approach ensures the continuity of a seamless customer experience, even in distributed working environments

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Unlimited possibilities.