Teams Room as a Service

Transform your conferencing with a revolutionary approach.

Enhance the inclusivity and productivity of your meetings with Teams Rooms as a Service. Say goodbye to cumbersome and outdated videoconferencing systems and embrace seamless, reliable, and user-friendly Teams-certified hardware for your meeting rooms.

Ensure efficient meetings that keep all participants engaged and focused on achieving your objectives.


Microsoft Teams Rooms As A Service

With the rise of hybrid work becoming the predominant structure for many office workers in Australia, it is crucial to ensure that your meetings run seamlessly, whether held in the office or remotely.

Introducing Teams Rooms as a Service, the solution that equips your office meeting spaces with the ideal hardware and software configuration, making Microsoft Teams meetings a breeze. Our comprehensive service encompasses the supply of all essential hardware, including cameras, microphones, schedulers, and accessories. We take care of the configuration and installation, provide ongoing support and warranty coverage, all packaged into an affordable monthly per-room cost. Your team will appreciate the simplicity and reliability of our meeting room technology, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration. Say goodbye to frantic calls to your IT team for fixing video conferencing hardware during critical meetings. Additionally, your business can avoid significant capital investments typically required for procuring the necessary hardware.

With Teams Rooms as a Service, you can create a productive and efficient meeting environment that meets the needs of your hybrid workforce seamlessly.