IT Audit & IT Risk Assessment Service

Manage the digital safety of your business proactively with our IT audit and risk assessment services. Strengthen your IT infrastructure and protect against potential threats.

Uncover hidden risks and strengthen your IT infrastructure with our professional IT audit and IT risk assessment services.

FOIT Group will help you take the steps necessary to establish digital resilience for your business with our thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure.

Our IT audit and IT risk assessment service provide a comprehensive evaluation of your IT infrastructure, processes and security measures. We conduct thorough assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities, evaluate risks and compliance across your workforce. By partnering with FOIT Group, you gain valuable insights into your IT landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.

FOIT Group is thorough in our IT risk assessment process. We can strengthen your security profile and optimise your operations.

IT Security Audit

Our IT audits and IT risk assessments enable you to identify and address security gaps and vulnerabilities within your IT systems. By conducting thorough evaluations, we help you implement robust security measures and risk mitigation strategies, protecting your sensitive data and minimising potential threats.

IT Infrastructure Audit

Our IT audits and assessments help identify areas of improvement in your IT infrastructure and processes. We help streamline operations, enhance efficiency and optimise resource allocation. By eliminating inefficiencies we improve overall business performance.

IT Compliance Audit

Staying compliant with industry regulations and standards is crucial for businesses today. Our services ensure that your IT infrastructure and processes will help you align with your relevant digital regulations.

By evaluating your systems and processes, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique risk profile

Our IT audit and risk assessment services delve deep into your infrastructure, identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities that could impact your operations. With this knowledge, we develop tailored business continuity plans that outline specific strategies and measures to mitigate risks and maintain operational resilience. We create customised disaster recovery and contingency plans, ensuring that you are prepared for any unforeseen IT incidents.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our team employs proactive monitoring and regular maintenance practices to ensure the optimal performance of your IT system. With continuous monitoring, we keep your system running seamlessly and minimising disruptions.

24/7 IT Service Desk

Discover peace of mind knowing that our 24/7 IT service desk is at your disposal. Our certified technicians are available round-the-clock to provide prompt assistance, whether it's a routine task or an urgent issue.

Cyber Security

Safeguard your digital assets with our comprehensive cyber security solutions. Our team of experts conducts thorough security audits, identifying vulnerabilities and implementing effective measures to protect your valuable data.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Prepare for the unexpected with our robust disaster recovery plans. We work closely with you to develop comprehensive strategies that ensure the continuity of your operations in the face of IT failures or emergencies.

Cloud Solutions

Streamline your operations and embrace the power of the cloud with our expert support. Whether you require assistance with cloud migration or troubleshooting, our skilled IT technicians deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Managed IT Services

Unlock Your Full Business Potential

  • Support & Service Desk
  • Managed Servers
  • Managed Networks
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Workstations
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Asset management
  • Policy Management
  • Patch Management

Frequently Asked Questions


What is risk assessment and why is it important?

Risk assessment is a fundamental process that plays a vital role in understanding and managing potential risks within a business’s IT infrastructure and operations. It involves a systematic evaluation of vulnerabilities, threats and their potential impact on the business. The importance of risk assessment lies in its ability to provide valuable insights and enable proactive risk mitigation strategies.

By conducting thorough risk assessments, businesses can identify and prioritize areas of concern, implement appropriate controls and make well-informed decisions to protect their valuable assets and ensure business resilience.

At FOIT Group, our IT audit and risk assessment services offer comprehensive assessments tailored to your unique needs, empowering you to mitigate risks effectively and maintain a secure IT environment.

What are FOIT Group’s IT audit services?

FOIT Group offers a comprehensive range of IT audit services to address various aspects of your IT infrastructure. Our security audits evaluate your systems and identify vulnerabilities to enhance your cybersecurity defences. Compliance audits ensure adherence to standards and regulations reputational and other breach risks. Infrastructure and asset audits assess your technology assets for optimal utilisation and performance.

With detailed reports and strategic guidance, we help you strengthen security, meet compliance requirements and optimise your IT operations for improved performance and risk mitigation. Trust FOIT Group for reliable IT audits that safeguard your assets and ensure a secure and compliant IT environment.

What are IT audit objectives?

The objectives of an IT audit are unique to a business’s needs. At FOIT Group, our IT audit objectives are aligned and designed to ensure our clients get exactly what they want. However, IT audit objectives can often include assessing the reliability and integrity of information, evaluating the adequacy of IT controls and safeguards, identifying vulnerabilities and risks, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and recommending improvements to enhance overall IT governance and risk management.

How to perform IT risk assessment with FOIT Group?

An IT risk assessment with FOIT Group is a seamless process. Simply visit our contact page on our website and reach out to our dedicated team. Our experts will guide you through the necessary steps and gather the information needed to initiate the risk assessment process.

We value clear communication and personalised service, ensuring that your specific IT risks and concerns are addressed. Take the first step towards a comprehensive IT risk assessment by contacting FOIT Group today.

What are the benefits of IT audits?

IT audits offer significant benefits for organisations, including enhanced security, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, operational efficiency and decision-making support.

At FOIT Group, we conduct thorough IT audits to identify vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with regulations, mitigate risks, streamline operations and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making. With our expertise, you can strengthen your IT infrastructure, protect your data and achieve greater resilience in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Take the first step towards a more efficient and resilient IT infrastructure by contacting the FOIT Group today for an IT audit and IT risk assessment.