Managed IT

Unlimited possibilities with proactive support from a managed IT service provider.

With managed IT services from a highly-certified partner with full-stack capability, you can leverage new opportunities that drive productivity.

The right IT focus is key to unlocking your full business potential. Based in Sydney, our always-on managed IT solutions bring customised, cost-effective and scalable support to clients across Australia. As an extension of your team, we will ensure your technology evolves with your business. Let’s enhance efficiencies, minimise downtime and take your growth to the next level.

At FOIT Group, we blueprint, build, secure and support all facets of IT infrastructure.

One IT Partner

Benefits for your business

24/7 Preventative Maintenance

Our proactive approach leaves no stone unturned. We’ll continuously monitor your IT system for technical and security risks, flagging potential issues in real time so that they can be resolved before any disruption to business continuity.

IT Made Simple

Take the hassle out of ever-advancing technology. Having one managed IT provider with full-stack capability means you can stay on top of the most robust solutions for your business. Based here in Sydney, our expert team provides onsite and remote IT managed support that makes it easy to future-proof your entire tech focus.

Powerful Partnerships

With a people-first focus to IT optimisation, we take the time to understand your unique ways of working, business requirements and big-picture goals. Building a lasting partnership along the way, we will architect the most effective blueprint to support your IT success now and into the future.

Fixed Management Fees

Be confident in your costs with fixed monthly IT management fees. To ensure the best value for money, our professional services are packaged according to your IT blueprint. The result? All of the support required to optimise IT infrastructure under one cost-effective retainer, bespoke to your business and budget.

Infinite Opportunities To Thrive

As your IT partner, we are here to unlimit possibilities. Our scalable managed IT services are strategically designed to give your business an edge as it continues to grow. Eliminate inefficiencies, streamline workflows and boost productivity with integrated IT solutions that serve as a foundation for innovation.

Architects of IT excellence

We pride ourselves on delivering attentive and agile client service, which is why all managed IT services are backed by a fair Service Level Agreement (SLA).

With a dedicated account manager and skilled technicians on hand at all hours, you can rest assured knowing your system will be taken care of within an agreed time frame and to the highest standard.

FOIT provided fantastic support and services for my IT needs. Staff are all friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!”
IT Operations Manager, Education

One IT partner.
Unlimited possibilities.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Ensure the peak performance of your IT system through our dedicated team that employs advanced monitoring techniques and implements regular maintenance practices to optimise your system's efficiency.

24/7 IT Service Desk

Relax by feeling supported with our 24/7 IT service desk that is always ready to assist you. Our team of certified technicians is available at any time to provide prompt support, whether it's for routine tasks or critical issues.

Cyber Security

Protect your valuable digital assets with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Our team of IT experts conducts thorough security audits, meticulously identifying weaknesses and implementing effective measures to safeguard your data.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Don’t skip a beat due to unforeseen circumstances with our robust disaster recovery plans. Collaborating closely with you, we develop comprehensive strategies to ensure the continuity of your operations in the face of IT failures or emergencies.

Cloud Solutions

Unlock the potential of the cloud and enjoy increased flexibility and scalability for your business with our cloud services. Whether you need assistance with cloud migration or troubleshooting, our skilled IT technicians deliver tailored solutions for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are managed IT services?

The term ‘managed IT services’ refers to outsourced and ongoing technical support to meet a range of business requirements. Encompassing proactive monitoring and maintenance, expert problem solving and professional device management, these services are designed to keep your system functioning at peak performance.

As an extension of your team, we will continually pinpoint opportunities to maximise productivity and minimise downtime due to unforeseen technical issues. Structured to take the stress out of your IT, our managed services are backed by a Service Level Agreement so that you can be confident in your costs and expected outcomes.

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How do managed IT services differ from traditional IT support?

In the traditional sense, IT support takes a ‘break-fix’ approach: when a technical issue arises or a device malfunctions, you call in your IT support provider to solve the problem. This reactive process can lead to downtime and high repair costs that could have been avoided.

In contrast, managed IT services are inherently proactive, involving hands-on IT support that identifies and prevents potential problems before they impact your business. To access these benefits, you will pay a fixed monthly retainer fee instead of ad hoc charges.

What do Cloud managed services involve?

Cloud managed services refer to the outsourced technical support and ongoing maintenance of computing software that is used and accessed via the internet. With a dedicated IT provider taking care of all licences, monitoring, backups and configurations, you’ll have more time to focus on running your day-to-day business.

Thanks to fixed retainer fees tailored to your precise needs, our Cloud managed services are typically more cost-effective than engaging an in-house IT specialist.

Why do I need managed IT services?

Managed IT services can equip your business with the tailored backup and recovery solutions, strong cyber security measures and seamless Cloud storage and hosting it needs to succeed in today’s increasingly digital landscape. The advantages of always-on IT support for your business are threefold: more time, cost savings and technical innovation.

Firstly, both technical and non-technical employees can spend too much time on routine IT upkeep. While critical, these tasks are often time consuming and divert attention from valuable business strategy projects. With an outsourced managed IT service provider taking care of all things technology, your in-house team will be freed up to focus on what they were hired to do in the first place: running and growing your business.

Additionally, managed IT services can bring significant savings. By mitigating technical issues ahead of time, a managed IT provider can protect your business from disruptive and costly downtime. From cyber attacks to hardware failures, our experts know how to tackle all technology risks to your business, improving business continuity so that you can maximise productivity.

Lastly, technology is an essential tool for any modern business. To keep ahead of the curve, you need to optimise your network’s performance, safety and usability. As your managed IT provider, we have the skills to constantly assess your network, identify opportunities for innovation and implement scalable strategies for its evolution. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your technology will be continuously enhanced to help your business thrive.

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How much do managed IT services cost?

Managed IT service providers tend to offer multiple pricing plans, each approved under a Service Level Agreement for your peace of mind. At FOIT Group, the monthly cost of your managed IT services will depend on the degree and breadth of technical support required.

To equip you with the most cost-effective solution, we’ll take the time to determine your business goals and define your optimal IT focus. With a fixed retainer fee in place, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any climbing costs or hidden expenses. To get started, chat with our team today.