Managed I.T Services & Solutions

Our experienced professional services team ensures every project is a successful one. With a proven processes and our personal approach, solutions are strategically designed, development and delivered on time and on budget. Our knowledgeable team specialise in infrastructure consolidation, virtualisation, advanced networking, consulting services and procurement ensuring your business is leveraging technology efficiently and effectively.


Dedicated, Certified & Experienced Team
All of our team members have been carefully selected as we believe our team is your team. We work together with clients to provide the best possible solution, customer service and experience


On Time & On Budget
Our trained and certified team achieve the best possible outcome for your business no matter what the time frame and budget may be. Our solutions are requirements focused and put forward a solution that makes technology work most efficiently for your business


Our team have developed a platform that is ahead of the rest. Couple this with professional project management services and your business can be confident that our leading edge and innovative solutions will create harmony between technology and your operations


Bespoke Solutions
No two businesses are the same. That’s why our team carefully elicit customer requirements and design a solution to align with the operations of that business


Strategic Planning

Our strategic advisory services safeguards your business for future trends and growth cycles. This ensures our clients stay ahead of technology curves by leveraging systems to assist your business operations


Control & Compliance

Whether its legal requirements or company policy, our services ensure your business is in control and compliant. This is achieved by providing powerful, flexible and convenient visibility tools via a single pain of glass

I.T Consulting Services

We can help you understand where your IT infrastructure and processes currently are, where they need to be, and importantly, how to get there. I.T planning ensures your business is ready for future growth and adaptive to change. Our strategic minded I.T consultancy team works with your business to understand the current workings of your I.T infrastructure and process. We help determine where your I.T needs to be in the future and more importantly, the most effective and seamless way to reach these goals.


Take the headaches, uncertainty and complexity out of hardware and software acquisition. Our team manages the entire process from eliciting initial business requirements to procurement and implementation to ensure maximum ROI. Our experienced team specialises in hardware provisioning, software and licensing agreements, technical support services, asset management and disposal services.

Infrastructure Relocation and Installation

Moving office or setting up a new office? We offer a full suite of services to make your IT relocation or installation practical, flexible, on time and most importantly within budget. Our solutions spans across supply, installation and relocation of either existing or new hardware, voice, data, electrical and fit out elements. Whether your move is internal or external our services are tailored to offer a quality and seamless relocation and installation service.

Project Management

We deliver a suite of project management services ranging from strategic advice through to delivery, ensuring that the customer gets the best possible result.

Private Cloud implementations

Cloud Computing Services empower businesses to reduce their costs, increase agility and improve performance by utilising the leading edge technology. By combining our customisable private cloud solutions, public cloud solutions this results in security, scalability and control. Our team has the ability to design and implement Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions to meet your businesses requirements.

Co-Location Services

Our co-location services and solutions ensures your infrastructure is implemented in the most efficient way possible by providing a solution that incorporates flexibility and scalability for future growth. We ensure your infrastructure and data is kept in secure and robust data centres located here in Australia to provide high performance, high availability and convenient connectivity while building in resiliency against numerous failures including environmental impacts.

Asset Management

Keeping track of existing infrastructure is a common challenge and often overlooked in most organisations. Asset Management is important to ensure compliance and licensing is adhered to. Having a clear understanding of current infrastructure also heavily influences future decision making and can determine upgrade paths. Our assets management systems and processes provide a clear company wide snapshot of systems and report on licensing compliance.