Managed I.T Services & Solutions

Whether it’s a private network, wired or wireless solution you require, we can tailor the correct data solution for your business. Having efficient telecommunication and data solutions allow your business to drive your costs down and increase productivity. A core requirement for all businesses is that their systems are always online, available, secure and within budget. With our vast range of solutions your business can be comfortable knowing that all services are managed, scalable, flexible and most of all cost effective.


Flexible, Scalable & Cost Effective
Reduced capital expenditure, call costs and contract terms & increases in flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness are just some of the key benefits your organisation will experience


Service Backed SLA
Utilising leading vendor solutions, all services are SLA backed delivering clear performance expectations. Financially backed services promote the highest service quality available and provide our customers with the peace of mind that their systems are always online


Vendor Neutral
Being vendor natural allows us to provide the best solution to meet your organisations requirements. This allows us to provide a bespoke solution with the fastest speed, most robust technology and at the most cost efficient price


Australia Wide
Utilising a diverse range of technologies allows us to provide a tailored solution regardless of your business location. Whether your located in the heart of the City CBD or in a remote rural town we have a solution for your business


24×7 Monitoring & Support

All core networks and supplier links are proactively 24×7 monitored and managed ensuring that a reliable and secure connection is being provided


Unmetered Traffic

Require large bandwidth? Avoid the expensive charges for excess additional data usage with unmetered traffic

Hosted & Managed PBX / VOIP Solutions

We can provide either fully a managed Cloud IP-PBX, a managed on-site IP-PBX or simply manage your current system. Our VoIP solutions streamline all aspects of business communication into a single solution, resulting in enhancing your staff performance and experience while in turn reducing your business costs. Voice-over-IP technology is becoming one of the most powerful tools in business today due to its flexibility, scalability & cost efficiencies.

Data Links

Internet Links

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Our VPN solutions are corporate business grade systems that have been designed to give your business an SLA backed quality service which also is 24×7 proactively managed and monitored, providing a reliable and secure link. These solutions are tailored for multi-office environments who require business grade VPN services for Data, Voice and Video Conferencing requirements.