Managed I.T Services & Solutions

Cloud solutions reduce time and expense overheads of managing onsite equipment by delivering computing, storage and networking resources as a service. This allows your business to increase system capacity and capabilities without requiring new infrastructure. Our team carefully elicit customer requirements and expectations and put together a bespoke solution to eliminate the daily challenges they experience with their current infrastructure.


Increased Security
All data and services are protected with a multi-factor authentication as part of our service. Multi-factor authentication is much more secure than the more traditional user name and password authentication methods


Private, Public or Hybrid
We are a solutions provider and are solution neutral. We utilise various technology platforms to cater each and every solution to our client’s requirements


Scalable, flexible and high performance
Having access to multiple data centres and leveraging the latest technology, systems can be easily created, upgraded and migrated in a matter of minute


99.9% SLA backed uptime
Utilising leading technology platforms our solution is SLA backed delivering clear performance expectations from our customer perspective. Our financially backed SLA services promote the highest service quality available and provide customers with the peace of mind that their systems are always online


Reduce Capital Expenditure

Reduce the hefty upfront costs of hardware procurement and depreciation value of onsite hardware. Cloud technology makes use of the most currently hardware available and is always being upgraded


Increased Collaboration

Our cloud solutions provides your business with the ability to communicate and share more content easily outside the traditional methods. If you are working on a project across different locations you can give employees, contractors and third parties access to the same files


Business Agility
On the move or have multiple locations across the globe? Implementing a cloud solution centralises your systems and is site independent


Reduce Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced as onsite hardware is eliminated as our infrastructure is monitored and maintained 24/7


Cloud based typologies enhances users mobility experience as services are always available at the fastest speed and accessible on multiple end-user devices simultaneously

Cloud Email

Our powerful and diverse cloud email solutions allows us to tailor your businesses emailing requirements to an organisation, department or individual. This ensures email communications are always available and remains at the tip of users finger tips. Leveraging hosted Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps technology emails, contacts, calendars and tasks are be synchronised between different devices and multiple users. Utilising this technology enables our clients to maintain control of their communications as our cloud email solutions are secure, flexible and reliable.

Servers and Infrastructure (IaaS)

FOIT’s hosted Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) solutions provide businesses with the security, flexibility, scalability they require. The benefits of VPS/VDS is businesses experience a reduction expense overheads of managing onsite equipment as computing, storage and networking resources are delivered as a service. Businesses also gain cloud based benefits such as data centre co-location, built in redundancies and performance boosts of dispersed large resource pools carefully designed, implemented and maintenance by our certified team.

Desktops as a Service (DaaS)

Hosted desktops provides your business with centralized access, support and maintenance while maximising security and company policy, convenience and interoperability. This ensures business continuity by solving data protection and recovery problems commonly found in onsite implementations. Mobility is a key business benefit as users can work from any device, any location and any time.

Spam, content filtering & Anti-Virus

Spam and content filtering is commonly overlooked and can become costly if not implemented and maintained correctly. As services are migrating this the cloud and communications and connectivity online are quickly increasing it is important that businesses take appropriate security measures. Our comprehensive and sophisticated spam, content filtering and Anti-Virus solutions ensures access is restricted and threats are quickly neutralized while not limiting user convenience and productivity. Our solutions are built on leading each technology that is highly secure, customisable and transparent, allowing businesses to stop attacks while gaining a clear picture of company security via a single pane of glass.

Disaster Recovery – Backup and Replication

Disasters can happen at any time and anywhere. A well documented and rehearsed disaster recovery solution is essential for business continuity and data protection. Encrypted replication to Private Cloud Storage ensures local data is backup to the cloud in an efficient, timely and secure manner. Our solutions maintain system uptime as the services can resume running in the cloud in the event of a disaster. Cloud infrastructure is located within secure co-location data centres which provides disaster recovery options in itself, as replication of data ensures protection, integrity and continuity.

Private Cloud Storage

Maintaining and managing secure and confidential data can be tricky and is commonly implemented in an ineffective manner. Private Cloud Storage ensures business data integrity and security while providing fast, convenient and synchronised data access methods for users. Private Cloud Storage by nature is stored and replicated in co-location datacentres ensuring maximum availability, performance and security.

Web Hosting

We offer numerous web hosting solutions that ensures our clients websites and online presence is maintained while providing a professional image to the rest of the world to see.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

With the growing demand for BYOD, our solutions remediate many pain points associated with this concept. We provide seamless connectivity solutions to company services whether it is internet, emails, applications for example while maintaining security and data integrity. Our solution offers highly customisable reporting that is essential within a BYOD environment.

Hosted PABC/VOIP Solutions

We can provide either fully a managed Cloud IP-PBX, a managed on-site IP-PBX or simply manage your current system. Our VoIP solutions streamline all aspects of business communication into a single solution, resulting in enhancing your staff performance and experience while in turn reducing your business costs. Voice-over-IP technology is becoming one of the most powerful tools in business today due to its flexibility, scalability & cost efficiencies.

Co-location Services

Our co-location services and solutions ensures your infrastructure is implemented in the most efficient was possible by providing a solution that incorporates flexibility and scalability for future growth. We ensure your infrastructure and data is kept in secure and robust data centres located here in Australia to provide high performance, high availability and convenient connectivity while building in resiliency against numerous failures including environmental impacts.